Rwanda: Tory MPs under pressure to back Rishi Sunak's plan
Rishi Sunak's emergency legislation has attracted criticism from both sides of his part
London mayor calls for research into the effect of night work
Vauxhall nightclub staff say they get "terrible headaches" and "four or five hours" of slee
Northern Lights award for Welsh photographer Mathew Browne
He went to Iceland for the Northern Lights - but took his outstanding photo 10 minutes from hom
Haberman reveals why Trump attacked judge and his family in speech
CNN political contributor Maggie Haberman explains the reasoning behind Donald Trump's attacks on the judge and his family during a speech at his Mar-a-Lago resort after he was arraigned on felony charge
Russian authorities detain suspect over St. Petersburg cafe blast
Calgary traffic reporter goes viral after response to body shaming comment
A woman in grey trousers points to her midsection while live on air reporting on traffic in Calgary.

TV traffic reporter Leslie Horton developed a thick skin over the years because of nasty feedback from viewers, but she unleashed a viral smackdown last week after she says one of them "crossed my line."

Climate protestors stop traffic in Melbourne
Climate activists in Melbourne stopped traffic for several hours and caused major tram network delays with a sit-in protest outside Flinders Street station
Delicate rescue operation saves pelicans impaled by fishing wire
Good Samaritans have performed a delicate rescue operation along the Coorong in South Australia after two pelicans were found impaled by fishing wire
People encouraged to swim at patrolled beaches after ‘way too many drownings’ last year
Qld Surf Life Saving Operations Manager Nathan Fife has urged beachgoers to enjoy the beautiful beaches Australia has to offer but to do it safely. “Unfortunately, this time last year we saw way too many drownings on our beaches,” he told Sky News Australia. “Look out for your mates, look after for your children and swim between those red and yellow flags at patrolled beaches. “Know your depth and make sure you plan before you go in. “Make sure you are going to patrolled beaches this summer